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We are marketing and business development experts helping small to medium sized businesses to acquire more customers and expand, increase their sales and profits. We help small and medium sized businesses achieve the most out of their investment in marketing activities using effective marketing strategies and tactics to improve their marketing performance. Obviously, to survive and thrive in a crowded market-place such as we have, intelligent organisations must stand out. We can help recession-proof your business!

Key industry insights enable access to unique expertise and take away new solutions to your day-to-day business challenges. Our vast academic and practical experience in marketing science allow us to deliver cutting edge marketing strategies and tactics that can stand the test of time in your specific market. Whatever your marketing problem is, we have the required expertise to find an enduring-solutions:

 We believe in building long-term partnerships with the most innovative and forward-looking organisations. Our success is founded on repeat business; we listen to our customers and deliver business strategies that meet their needs. A strong dedication to providing strategic business information, combined with an unwavering focus on exclusivity, is what drives us to consistently deliver a competitive advantage to our clients. Offering the comprehensive content of a dynamic programme and business solutions to encourage our clients in order to work as a team to learn from each others’ experiences and explore key solutions in the market. 


STRATEGY BUSINESS INFORMATION (Industry insights and valuable information)
 In an attempt to connect professionals and business leaders in the sales, marketing and tech industries, G.M.A has established several carefully designed strategies. Where our team and clients can meet and discuss new innovations and developments within their industries as well as to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships and business deals. Depending on which industry you’re in, G.M.A meetings are also able to tailor your exhibits, so that your expectations are fulfilled through the ability to see and understand your vision. With experience in over 10 years, G.M.A understand how to bring high-level business branding strategy bring business growth to foster lasting and successful business relationships in a variety of industries.


Corporate performance events: MSBs
People attending corporate performance events may be interested to hear that according to the CBI the 'forgotten army' of medium-sized businesses holds key to future UK growth. It says that medium-sized businesses despite representing just one percent of businesses, they represent 16 percent of all jobs and generate 22 percent of the economic revenue. In fact, the CBI claims that the sector has the potential to inject between £20bn and £50bn into the economy by 2020.

In a report called Future Champions: unlocking growth in the UK's medium-sized businesses, which uses new analysis conducted with the help of McKinsey & Company, it's calling for a broader range of finance to be made available to MSBs as they can no longer solely relying on bank lending.

G.M.A presents corporate performance events, created by experienced professionals and with information presented by industry experts.

G.M.A provides cutting-edge solutions for the industries through detailed research with industry professionals, we consistently offer events of excellent quality and depth which provide added value solutions to the hottest industry challenges. G.M.A is one of the world’s leading business information companies is dedicated to the provision of global business intelligence and information to assist in strategic and effective decision making. Whether company attention is focused on branding, social media, consumer insights, customer service,  channel management or sales force effectiveness, sales and marketing conferences create a challenging environment for effective knowledge and experience exchange and benchmark with peers in the industry. The G.M.A marketing and sales teams facilitates the most up-to-date information exchange where the respective speakers contribute with cutting-edge case studies from across the continent providing real practical lessons our delegates can implement in their companies for increased profitability and effectiveness.

Marketing events & On-line advertising
People attending marketing events may be interested to hear that advertisers get much higher ROI and sales uplift from online than they do from TV.

That's according to new research GFK's Media Efficiency Panel (MEP). It found that online advertising actually achieves reach equal to press and outdoor advertising. Online advertising is also on average more effective than offline as it delivers short-term ROI. The survey found that online has a return of 75p, press 66p and outdoor 53p with TV seeing an ROI of just 43p. What's more digital campaigns reach on average 33 percent of the online population while press reaches just under 40 per cent and outdoor 30 percent. GMA presents marketing events, created by experienced professionals and with information presented by industry experts.